PROJECT SPARKLE: Parol Making Contest!

The Livin’ and Lovin’ goes on at Abba Salon
November 6, 2018

Is a sustainable Christmas celebration possible? It is, and Project Sparkle is proof. Create a parol out of recycleable materials and if we think it’s impressive enough, you’ll get a cash prize from us. Join now and make this Christmas an eco-friendly one. See mechanics below:

PROJECT SPARKLE: Parol Making Contest



1. The contest is open to anyone age 13 and above. Participants may join either as an individual or as a group.

2. Entries must be submitted as finished products.

3. A parol may be made in any shape the participants prefer but must have the following measurements:

Width/diameter 3ft to 4ft
Length 3ft to 4ft

Entries with either less or more than the prescribed measurements will be disqualified.

4. Entries must be made of recycled materials. However, the parol frame/skeleton may be made of brand-new wire or bamboo sticks. Entries must also have a 220 voltage electric light.

5. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

Creativity 40%
– overall beauty
– unconventional use of materials

Craftsmanship 60%
– adherence to prescribed measurements
– mastery of the elements of art (color, proportion, shape, texture, etc)
– technical sophistication

6. Entries must be submitted with accomplished entry forms, which can be downloaded from the mall’s Facebook page ( or availed at the mall administration office.

7. Participants must submit their entries at the mall administration office, on or before November 21, 2018.

8. Winners will receive the following prizes:

Grand prize Php5,000
1st Runner-up Php2,000
2nd Runner-up Php1,000

9. Awarding of winners will be held on November 24, 2018.

10. By participating in the contest, the winners allow the mall management to use their entries as decoration at the mall premises for 120 days from day of awarding of winners.

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